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Project Description
Simple webshop application for use with medium sized websites.

This project is based on TheBeerHouse starter kit. Additional features:
  • Seperated modules for news articles, webshop, forum and newsletters
  • Logic in seperate assembly
  • ASP.NET 2.0 provider based design
  • Configuration section for the web.config
  • Run multiple applications from a single database
  • Suitable for use with different cultures using resource files

Future plans
The intention is to enhance the project with more features:
  • Seperation of product catalog and order handling with their own providers
  • Multiple catalogs per application, products can appear in multiple categories and catalogs, prices per product per catalog per quantity
  • Coupled product variants (sizes, colors), product assemblies (on the fly by ordering)
  • Producct rating, user experiences, product suggestions based on other purchases
  • Enhanced order processing, authorization, initial payments, multiple invoices/payments
  • Integration with ERP applications (XML)

At this moment a preview version of XZ WebShop is available. Please, feel free to comment on my projects.

Hugo Scheepens

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