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Some more information about the development of the XZ WebShop project.

library project
By moving the basic logic from the original TheBeerHouse files to a separate assembly some other changes were done.

The Data Access Layer (DAL) classes of the original TheBeerHouse project were ommited. The extra public classes layer are (in my opinion) vulnerable storung corrupted data.

Most ID values were replaced by Guid type values (in stead of Int32).

Text comes later

Provider model
See for mor information about the provider model the MSDN website

Providers are derived from ProviderBase (see MSDN example).

Data structure
All Stored Procedures in the database are extended with the 'ApplicationName' parameter. The ApplicationName works with the tables to be installed with the InstallCommon.sql script that comes with the .Net 2.0 framework (also includes with the source files). By using this structure, the application is fully compatible with databases already containing the data for membership, roles provided by Microsoft.
The logic to dicriminate by application was partly copied form installed Stored Procedures to be used with Membership and Role Providers.

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